It takes a breakthrough for preschool teachers and kindergarten teachers to empower and synergize all their potential that already exists in their selves and the use of technology to achieve a fun, interesting and integrated English learning for young learners as a whole. One of the most interesting  “edutainment†media that supports young learners’ development in learning English is Interactive Computer. This is a set of combination of software containing English lesson for children and games; and is created in the form of interactive CD. By using this interactive CD, it will strengthen the teachers’ creativities and innovations in providing qualified learning activities and learning materials. It will foster the children to learn more about English in a very fun way and drag them away from boredom during the teaching learning process. Teachers as an educator and parents as a children home-educator can find this CD easily in the market with an affordable price. Thus, the authors attempt to obtain training activities in order to foster teachers’ creativity in using this interactive computer as an interesting media in learning English for young learners.


Komputer Interaktif; pengajaran bahasa Inggris; anak usia dini