This study aims to determine the cognitive abilities of children in counting activities in kindergarten Taqifa Bangkinang. This research is a classroom action research (PTK) which is scheduled to take place in two cycles. The first cycle executed 2 times face to face. Each cycle contains the main points of planning, implementation, observation and reflection. The data in this study is data collected by observation and documentation. As for travel writers in analyzing the data in this study is to use the technique of quantitative descriptive analysis of data obtained and presented with what then the data is analyzed using numbers. To determine the percentage results the authors using the following formula (Anas Sudijono, 2004):.  After analyzing the results of the initial test, which has been known that a child's cognitive ability is low ie with a percentage of 46% as attached in the appendix. So to improve the cognitive abilities of children, use of learning Media playing card numbers. The conclusion from this study that the cognitive abilities of children in counting activities increased with the media playing the card number of children aged 4-5 years in kindergarten Taqifa Bangkinang, more details as follows: a child's cognitive ability prior to action by the percentage of 46% with a low category, then the cycle I get a percentage of 58% is also considered to be still not optimally with adequate or medium category and the second cycle gets a percentage of 87% with a very high category and considered to be the maximum.


kemampuan kognitif; kegiatan membilang; metode bermain kartu anak