The purpose of this study is to obtain an overview of analysis and input to develop PEMA learning media in improving pre-reading skills in children aged 5-6 years. The research method used in this research is a type of research development (Research And Development / R&D), which is a series of processes or steps in order to develop a new product or perfect an existing product so that it can be accounted for according to the procedure. The study subjects at the implementation stage were a small group, namely 10 boys or girls aged 5-6 years. This research was conducted by involving collaboration between researchers and parents as implementers of actions and researchers as implementers of research activities. The study was conducted in June – August 2022. The result of this study was The implementation stage, the PEMA trial to 8 children found the result that PEMA can be played with some notes. The child's response is quite good and seems highly motivated to complete each part of the activity. Although one child looks dreamy and lacks focus, it is not certain whether the media makes him bored, but he can still complete the activity properly and correctly.


Early Childhood, PEMA Media, Reading Beginnings.