This study aims to describe the language acquisition of children aged 3 years. Language acquisition for children aged 3 years is studied at the level of phonology, syntax, and semantics. The data in this study is the speech of children after 3 years. This study uses a qualitative descriptive design. The data analysis phase in this study there are three, namely reduction, presentation, and conclusion. The results of this study indicate that at the phonological level, the research subjects have not been able to test phonemes /r/ and /s/ correctly. At the syntactic level, the subject of research has been able to test four types of sentences, namely declarative, imperative, interrogative, and exclamation sentences. Words that are controlled by children are words that are close to the child's environment. At the semantic level, all utterances of children contain denotative meaning


language acquisition; 3 years; phonology; syntax; semantics