Jakarta is one of the areas in Indonesia that often experiences floods. Therefore  it is necessary to reduce the disaster risk. One of the efforts to reduce the risk of flooding is to provide the knowledge of flood disaster preparedness through the provision of media facilities. This can be used by teachers to facilitate teaching disaster preparedness for children at school. This study developed graphic media to improve flood disaster alertness. The population in this study were children aged 5-6 years in South Jakarta. This study used  the ADDIE model (Analyze, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation),  and data collection techniques were conducted  through interviews, observation , pretest and post-test. The results of the sig. (2-tailed) effectiveness test showed that there were differences in children’s preparedness before and after the use of graphic media. It can be concluded that, the use of graphics media are effective used to increase the flood disaster alert for 5-6 year olds in South Jakarta.


graphic media; preparedness; flood disaster