The balance between fine and gross motor skills of children is important to be optimally stimulated. The purpose of this study was to determine the effectiveness of nature-based learning models in improving children's motor skills. This study used a quantitative method with a subject of 45 children aged 4-5 years in 3 kindergartens in Sleman Regency. The study design used one group pretest posttest with 3 treatments each. Data collection techniques using observations and interviews were analyzed using descriptive quantitative and the effectiveness was analyzed using the T test. The results showed that nature-based learning effectively increases motor skills because by using the five senses, children have learning experiences through play, according to age needs, using objects concrete, up to challenging activities. Nature-based learning model can be an innovation that can be used as material for further research related to cognitive, language, art, and social emotional in children


Model Pembelajaran; Pembelajaran Berbasis Alam; Keterampilan Motorik