A comprehensive game based learning model was developed by combining constructive, educational and traditional games. The implementation of this model is integrated in integrated learning strategies and is designed in such a way that it can be applied in kindergarten (TK). The game tools used are developed with the concepts contained in cognitive abilities, such as: color, shape, numbers, letters, sequences and classifications. The implementation strategy is structured in accordance with the concept. Implementation trials were carried out formatively in small groups and large groups conducted in July-September 2015 at TK Fithria in South Jakarta, Indonesia. Subjects in small group trials were teachers and children in group B. The results showed an increase in cognitive abilities of kindergarten children in group B after the application of comprehensive game-based learning. This model is an alternative learning that can be applied in the center and group and classical models. Although it can help stimulate children's abilities, the role of the teacher as a learning facilitator cannot be replaced with any media.


alternative stimulation; cognitive children ability; comprehensive games; kindergarten