The purpose of this study is to improve learning outcomes using a contextual approach. By using a contextual approach it is expected that the results of learning sciences in early childhood will increase and be more meaningful. The population in this study were children aged 5-6 years in PAUD Cempaka Pekayon with a total of 18 children. The study was conducted in October-December 2015. The research method used is Classroom Action Research. This method has four stages.  1) planning stage, 2). implementation stage, 3). observation stage and 4) reflection stage. The implementation of this activity was carried out in three cycles. The results of the study are indicated by an increase in science learning outcomes. Percentage of cognitif cycle I of 58.5%, affective domain 47.1%, psychomotor domain 56.1%. Percentage of cognitive cycle II cycle 66.7%, affective domain 59%, psychomotor domain 65.7%. Percentage in the third cycle of cognitive domain 78.9%, affective domain 84.1%, psychomotor domain 84.3%.


contextual approach; sains competence; early childhood education